130 Inspired Ideas to Create More Healthful Habits: An Inspiration Guide for Your Habit Tracker

In this series around Forming Healthful Habits, we focus on why, when, and how to create new habits for a higher quality of life. This article includes our Inspiration Guide for Forming Healthful Habits and tracking them to success.

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Use a Habit Tracker

The first step in successfully forming a new habit is to think about the person you want to be and what is most important to you. See our companion article, How to Know Which Habits are Worth Tracking, for a detailed outline and visual flow chart designed to guide you in defining your goals and prioritizing the habits you need to get there.n

Also, you may also find it useful to read, Avoid These Mistakes When Creating a New Habit. That article lays the foundation for getting in the right mindset. Use those two articles, in tandem with this one, to maximize your efforts, successfully create your new habits, and sustain them over time.

A habit tracker can be a powerful tool for defining, prioritizing, and measuring the progress you are making toward your goals. After doing the work to envision the person you want your future self to be, and defining that person’s values and priorities, you’ll need to think about the habits that will get you there. You can clearly state which habits are important to you, see from day to day where you are making progress, and understand where you need to re-focus more attention or make adjustments.

How to Use this Inspo Guide

We hope this Habit Tracker Inspo Guide gets your creative ideas flowing and leads you to consider a range of new habits. We have organized them into 5 main categories:

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1. Physical Health

2. Mental Health + Mindfulness

3. Social-Emotional Health + Spirituality

4. Nutritional Health

5. Healthful Lifestyle

Obviously, these categories overlap, are somewhat arbitrary, and are mostly just for structural purposes – a long list of 200 items is not easy to read! But many, many of these healthful habits are on the list because they facilitate health in multiple facets of life.

You might chose 1-2 habits from each category, or chose to focus on one category at a time. Just keep in mind YOUR values and YOUR priorities! They are all good habits, but which ones will get you to YOUR best future self? Those are the ones to track. And keep in mind mistake no. 1 from, Avoid These Mistakes When Creating a New Habit, and keep it simple!

130+ Inspired Ideas to Create more Healthful Habits

Here are some, but certainly not all!, great ideas to get you started. We have highlighted our favs, but really, they are ALL our favs.

There may be books, products, and videos that we find helpful on this topic linked below. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Good Habits for Physical Health


  • Exercise
    • Go for a walk
    • Walk instead of drive to the store
    • Daily run, swim, or other physical activity you do daily
    • Set the number of reps, lbs, or distance you complete
    • Yoga Practice
    • Take # movement breaks at work
    • Take the stairs
    • Use a professional trainer to program a daily routine and record the whole routine on your habit tracker – We have several free habit tracker versions that include places to record your program and progress in our Healthful Habits Bundle. Contact us for a free consultation for programming a home workout.
  • Sleep
    • Set a bedtime
    • Set a wake up time
    • Record how many of hours sleep you get each night
  • Wear sun-screen
  • Check your blood pressure, O2 levels, or other health measures as directed by your doctor
  • Take daily prescriptions
  • Track ovulation
  • Avoid tobacco and drugs
  • Brush and Floss your teeth twice daily
  • Neti pot daily
  • Self-Care routine
    • Skin-care
    • Hair care
    • Self-massage, rolling, or foam roller


  • Track Personal Records or Personal Bests for one particular exercise each week
  • Go for a walk outside – set a distance or route
  • Set a # of Yoga classes to attend or home practices to complete each week
  • Set a # of Personal Training sessions for each week
  • Attend Small Group Fitness # times
  • Join a pick-up game or practice if you play basketball, golf, soccer, or another team sport
  • Run, bike, hike, etc – set a weekly total distance, total time, or # of days
  • Go out social dancing or country dancing


  • Massage
  • Thai bodywork
  • Facial
  • Manicure/ Pedicure
  • Take your measurements
  • Weigh-in* (we don’t put emphasis on weight, but if your doctor is using weight as a parameter of your health, you might check it monthly or as instructed.)

Good Habits for Mental Health + Mindfulness


  • Meditate
  • Breathing Practice (Pranayama)
  • Read for # minutes or # pages
  • Listen to an audio book for # minutes or # chapters
  • Listen to an educational podcast for # minutes or # episodes
  • Limit the time to listen to or read news, politics, or stressful topics to # minutes
  • Read and practice a meditation book with your kids – We love Monster Meditation Getting Ready for Bed with Elmo for our toddler and our older guy likes Peaceful Piggy Meditation
  • Tell your body how much you appreciate all it does
  • Look yourself in the mirror and delight in one beautiful aspect of you
  • Recite your daily affirmation(s)
  • Spend # minutes on a language app – I used ,Duolingo with great success to kick-start my Danish
  • Clear your mind with a walk without distractions (no podcasts, news, music or company)
  • Get outside, put your feet in dirt, grass, sand, or a natural water source
  • Work or walk in the garden
  • Practice your instrument
  • Create art – Zen doodle, mandala, color, or other mindful art practice
  • Free dance


  • Attend a weekly session with your counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist
  • Schedule a date with yourself – alone time
  • Complete homework, study or reading for a course you are taking
  • Attend Restorative Yoga or Yoga Nidra
  • Star gaze


  • Read # books
  • Listen to # audiobooks – We love audible !
  • Attend a book club, knitting club, chess or other club meeting
  • Learn something new, take an in-person or online workshop
  • Attend a monthly session with your counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist
  • Attend Restorative Yoga or Yoga Nidra

Good Habits for Social-Emotional Health + Spirituality


  • Gratitude Journaling – write down one thing you are thankful for each dayThis is the one I have used for 6 years now (I am on my second copy!)
  • Gratitude time – tell your family, room-mates, or pets one thing you are grateful for each day; say it aloud
  • Hug your partner
  • Compliment your partner
  • Play with your kids
  • Walk your dog, play with your cat, ride your horse, or spend time with your pet
  • Say a kind word or perform a helpful act for someone
  • Walk the dog, play with your pet, or connect with an animal
  • Positive Self-talk – Included in our Healthful Habits Bundle is a set of printable Quote Cards for motivation, positivity, and getting your head in the right space.
    • A quote that speaks to you
    • A phrase or mantra you use in the morning; before, during, or after your workout; at night before bed; or at difficult times
    • A prayer, poem, or verse you recite each day
  • Set a timer for social media scrolling time.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend with stressful, negative, or non-supportive people to # minutes per day, or # conversations per week
  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Breathing practices


  • Visit with your parents, grandparents, kids or grandkids in-person or virtually
  • Call or facetime your parents, grandparents, kids or grandkids
  • Attend Bible study group
  • Attend a meditation group
  • Attend a support group
  • Attend any weekly religious or spiritual club, meeting, organization, or gathering
  • Attend a weekly session with your religious or spiritual advisor, mentor, or peer group
  • Take a trip somewhere that refuels you energetically
  • Attend Restorative Yoga or Yoga Nidra


  • Go on a friend-date – Have coffee, dinner, or drinks with a friend
  • Go on a date with your partner
  • Go on a date with each of your children
  • Travel, take a weekend trip
  • Make a donation of time, money, or products to a charity
  • Volunteer at your kids’ school, your church, or another institution you use
  • Attend a monthly session with your religious or spiritual advisor, mentor, or peer group
  • Attend Restorative Yoga or Yoga Nidra

Good Habits for Nutritional Health


  • Set a # for fasting hours – get guidance before beginning a fast, even a short fast. We recommend, Dr. Mindy Pelz youtube channel for beginners.
  • Set an intake # of servings of fruits, vegetables, protein
  • Set and intake # of super foods like leafy greens, dark berries, dark chocolate, nuts & seeds, and citrus
  • Track water intake
  • Set a limit for intake of non-water beverages, ie. cups of coffee, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, soda, etc.
  • Set a limit for intake of treats, snacks, etc.
  • Take your vitamins and supplements
  • Pack your lunch
  • Food log or diet tracking app.


  • Meal plan – we have several versions of meal planners and water trackers in our Healthful Habits Bundle
  • Make a grocery list and do the shopping
  • Cut veggies and place in to-go boxes for quick snacking
  • Meal prep for the week
  • Set a limit for # meals eaten out or fast food
  • Set a # of meals you will cook at home
  • “No Meat” day once per week
  • “No Sugar” day once per week
  • “No Alcohol” day once per week


  • Meet with your Dietician
  • Have a “clean out the freezer and pantry” weekend and eat, throw out, or give away all food in the house
  • Track a 30 day vegetarian or vegan challenge
  • Track a 30 day home-cooking challenge
  • Track a 30 day sober challenge
  • Track a 30 day sugar-free challenge

Good Habits for a Healthful Lifestyle


  • Make your bed, Wash the dishes, or another daily house chore that would make you feel better at home
  • Set a daily spending limit and stay under it
  • Work in your garden
  • Set a time in the evening to turn your phone off, or to stop checking email or socials
  • Set a time in the morning to turn your phone on, or to start checking email or socials


  • Do the laundry, mop the floors, clean out the fridge, or another weekly house chore that would make you feel better at home
  • Set a weekly spending limit and stay under it
  • Have a “no spend’ day
  • Contribute to your savings, investment or retirement accounts


  • Clean and organize one space in your home – a closet, junk drawer, or shed
  • Take a load of clothing, books, or items to donate
  • Set a monthly spending limit and stay under it
  • Contribute to your savings, investment, or retirement accounts
  • Make a donation of money or items to a charity, local NPR station, or other service you use
  • Spend one hour going over finances as a household
  • Spend one hour setting goals for the next month as a household

Next Steps

We hope you find this healthful habits inspiration guide valuable. Your next step is to get going! We have created a whole catalogue of habit trackers which are available, along with a printable version of this Inspiration Guide and a How-to article, in the Healthful Habits Bundle on our website. It is geared toward establishing healthful habits, but useful for any habit you want to create, for example habits to be more productive at work or more effective in your business.

Also included in that bundle are free Printable Quote Cards to help you maintain a positive and realistic frame of mind – especially useful in those days AFTER you have put it a ton of work toward your new habit and BEFORE the effects of your new habits become truly visible. And we have more articles on creating and sustaining healthful habits at our blog – subscribe and get more tips and articles for healthful living delivered to your inbox 2-3 times each month. We hope you’ll make use of all of these great resources and let us know which habits you are creating in your own life.

If you are interested in using a Personal Trainer or Small Group Fitness training to support you in your new habits, contact us at TrainMovePlayPT@gmail.com . Or fill out the contact form on our website, TrainMovePlay.com for a complimentary consultation, and let’s discuss your goals and plans. Virtual assistance and program-setting are available.

Train smart. Move well. Play hard, friends.

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