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Meet Martin and Sarah Moesgaard,
The owners of TrainMovePlay

Since we launched TrainMovePlay, our focus, our goals, and our address (including the continent where we operate!) have changed, but our mission remains the same: Movement for All, Movement for Life.

Movement for All, Movement for Life

Movement for All,” means, movement for all people, all experience levels, all stages of life, all goals…  

Movement for Life,” means, finding the movement YOU need to live YOUR life well. It means something different for everyone. 

At the end of the day, health and wellness training is an art, not a science.  And while we use the science and lean on best practices, we always train the person in front of us.

We provide individualized workouts that change day to day, and year to year, to keep you feeling good, moving well, and living with confidence.

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The Evolution of TrainMovePlay

Martin’s Story

Martin Moesgaard was born and grew up in Denmark, a small Scandinavian country with a high emphasis on healthy living. Martin’s approach to fitness training is informed by the Danish foreninger model.

Danish foreninger are associations, or clubs, that provide recreational sports and fitness opportunities for people across the life span.

Having grown up within the forening model, Martin has seen that fitness is something that really improves quality of life, and is something that we can all access throughout the different seasons of our lives – we just have to find the right training option for each person at that stage of their life.

Martin has a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science and wrote his thesis on the biomechanics of the knee joint. He is glad to have received a solidly science-based foundation for his work as a Personal Trainer.

Martin’s movement background includes gymnastics and tumbling, parkour, slack-line, movement culture, yoga, and more.

The Evolution of TrainMovePlay

Sarah’s Story

Sarah Downs Moesgaard was born in Lexington, Ky, USA. She is a life-long mover.

Sarah has a Master’s degree in Modern Dance, and certifications in Yoga (Yoga Alliance), Pilates (Pilates Method Alliance), Acroyoga (Acroyoga Montreal), and Thai Bodywork.

From dance, to yoga, to pilates, to acro, to bodywork… Sarah has chased methods of movement that connect mind and body.

Then, in 2017, Sarah moved to Denmark. She was struck by the ways in which movement and fitness are woven into daily life in Scandinavian culture, whether bicycling to school, meeting up with a forening after work, or taking the family for a long walk after dinner.

Now, Sarah combines her body knowledge into Small Group Yoga and Pilates classes, and one-on-one Assisted Stretching sessions that change day to day, and year to year based on the needs of our clients.

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