5 Myths About Personal Training: BUSTED

Have you heard, or been telling yourself, some of these myths? (If you tell yourself #3 and #4, you may have trouble making decisions…!) Have negative thoughts like the ones below become obstacles? Today, we are here to bust 5 myths about personal training.

We talk with lots of people who sincerely WANT to be working with a trainer, whether their goal is to feel better, enjoy more movement opportunities, learn a new skill, or change their lifestyle. But for some reason, a negative thought, an excuse, or an assumption keeps them from taking that first step. Negative thoughts, especially when built on untruths, half-truths, or used-to-be-true-but-aren’t-any-mores, can become huge obstacles that keep us from taking the first step toward health. In this article, we respond to the 5 Myths about Personal Training that we hear most often. We hope this diversion inspires you to take a fresh perspective and look at your own negative self-talk, or the myths you’ve been telling yourself, a little closer.

Myth 1: “I tried it and I didn’t like it.”

When working with a trainer, personality and environment have a HUGE impact on your experience. If you tried one trainer, or even two or three, and you didn’t like it, keep shopping. Especially, if they were all at the same gym. Every gym is different: different vibe, different specialty, different equipment and space, different philosophy… Maybe you didn’t jive with that specific environment and the people it attracts. Definitely don’t stick with a gym or trainer who isn’t a good fit. And don’t give up on personal training entirely because one trainer or one gym didn’t fit you! Every trainer is different. Someone out there “gets you.”

Personal trainer and client working together in gym

Myth 2: “It’s too expensive.”

It is. It can be. Experienced, educated trainers are professionals in their field, and deserve their fee. They work hard. But of course, your budget is working hard, too. And a trainer may not be as out-of-reach as you think….

Think of it this way: a monthly membership at a gym where you make zero gains, hit zero goals, and/or dread showing up is a waste of your hard earned cash. Life is just too short. A trainer can actually be more bang for your buck.

But again, finding the right fit is key. At TMP, we love to see clients for 60 minutes twice each week – that is where they make big gains. But maybe once per week is right for your budget. Maybe small group training is for you. Maybe programming is your route – a trainer sets a program for a flat fee, you workout on your own, and then your trainer checks in periodically, to make needed changes or updates. There are LOTS of options.

What should not be happening is that you can’t figure out how much training costs. Professional trainers have considered carefully what their time and energy are worth, and they are transparent with their pricing. If you contact a trainer and can’t get a straight answer, or feel like you are being consistently “up-sold,” refer to Myth 1, and keep shopping!

See our website for transparency on pricing for personal training, group training, and private bodywork sessions.

Myth 3: “I’m not fit enough for personal training.”

Do these thoughts race through your mind when you step into a gym:

  • “I don’t know what I’m doing here.”
  • “All of these machines and heavy-looking things are confusing. Where do I start?”
  • “There is probably a protocol here – do I look ridiculous because I don’t know it?”

Gyms can be VERY intimidating places. It may seem like a foreign land. Luckily, your trainer speaks the local dialect, knows what to do with allllll the things, and how to introduce you to them: “Bob, meet kettle bell.” Your trainer also knows how to make you feel confident, comfortable, and like you belong here, even if you are just starting out. You don’t need to be at any certain fitness level already – a good trainer will meet you where you are, and take you where you want to go.

Stay diversely challenged and keep making gains.

Myth 4: “I’m too fit to need help.”

Maybe you step into the gym and these thoughts fill your mind…

  • “I don’t need help working out.”
  • “I already have my routine and I like it.”
  • “Trainers are for people who don’t know what they are doing.”

Even if you are a gym rat, a trainer can help you. Using the same routine every day, or week, can lead to over-use injury and muscular imbalance, not to mention boredom and waning motivation. An experienced trainer has a big bag o’ tricks, with variations to avoid over-use, modifications for days when you are injured or limited, and creative new ideas to help you stay motivated and on-track. A good trainer will help you break through plateaus and move in new patterns, so that you stay diversely challenged and keep making gains.

Myth 5: If I reach out, I will be stuck on someone’s email list


Just not true. Personal trainers are professionals, who want to work with people who want and need their expertise. If you reach out, go to a complimentary consultation, try a training session or two, and decide it is not a good fit,


Keep shopping for a trainer who works for you! Any trainer of worth will understand. Timing, location, goals, personality, sense of humor (or lack thereof!) … there are lots of reasons two people are not a good fit when working together and no one wants to be locked into an unproductive relationship.

Trainers WANT you to be successful!

(^^^Read that again ^^^)

There you have it – the 5 Myths we hear most often that become obstacles to starting the process toward better health. We hope you feel empowered and emboldened, especially if you have been considering reaching out to a trainer. Scan some socials, ask some friends, and find the right fit!! You deserve it.

Train smart. Move well. Play hard.

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