Checklist: Create a Ready-when-you-are Home Workout Space

There can be many barriers to a good home workout. Make it easier with our “Ready-when-you-are” home workout space checklist.

I want to workout today, but I just don’t have the time.

I’m ready to workout…right after I get this laundry sorted and out of the way…

I was going to workout, but I couldn’t find my ______.


You want to workout at home, either exclusively, or between training sessions, but there seem to be so many barriers…

Removing the barriers is a tried and true strategy for establishing new habits. Organize your home workout space NOW, so that when the stars align, you’ll be ready!

Whether it is an entire exercise room, or one small corner, dedicate a “Home Workout Space,” and make sure the things on this checklist are there. You don’t need to carve out a lot of space – just carve out an opportunity to move more while at home, and you will see change and feel better.


“When making plans, think big. When making progress, think small.” – James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

what’s on the Checklist for a ready-when-you-are home workout space?


Click on the orange button above to print the checklist.  We recommend placing it in your workout space. Use it to set up your space initially, and then at the end of each workout to reset your space and be ready for next time.

1. Water bottle. Stay hydrated! You don’t want to get 15 mins into your routine and then have to walk to the kitchen – distraction will ensue!

2. Shoes, socks, towel, hairband and other personal items that keep you comfortable while exercising.

3. Exercise or Yoga Mat might be helpful when stretching or doing exercises on your knees.

4. Headphones or bluetooth speaker if you like to listen to music or are following along with a video or audio recording of a guided workout. We have several video guides at

5. Dumb bells, kettle bells, weights and resistance bands are small, easy to store, and relatively inexpensive equipment to keep in your workout space at home.

6. Workout guide printed and out where you can easily see it, maybe taped to the wall and/or a screen that is already open to the video guide you will use, so you don’t have to search for it and be caught doom-scrolling an hour later. We have several printable workout guides to get your started at Look under the Workouts menu.

7. Habit tracker and pen to track your workout and goals. Get our free Healthful Habits Bundle with various habit trackers, meal planners, and more.

8. Chair, bench, or stool; they provide lots of opportunity to make your workout the right amount of challenge for you.

9. Other equipment you might want to include:

      • large physio ball for working balance and core
      • jump rope if you have the ceiling height or easy access to outdoors
      • massage gun or foam roller to loosen up tight muscles before you workout
      • sound machine if there are noisy distractions around you
      • any other small equipment that gets you moving
      • a power bar if you know you get hangry immediately after a workout.

 And that’s it! We hope this is helpful in carving out a space, and opportunity, for you to get moving at home.

Print out this checklist and go make space for yourself today!

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