How to Create Balance (and have fun) with Autumn Self-care

Self-Care is especially important this time of year. The leaves are bringing their best colors forward, the pumpkins are just waiting to be carved, and the wind energy is unsettling everything. The number of items on your to-do list seems to be growing by the minute, while at the same time, your body is entering into a naturally slower, quieter rhythm, making that list look less and less manageable. How to create balance?

We developed a need-to-read inspo sheet, with ideas for creating balance in body, mind, and soul. And to make it less like just another to’do list, and a little more fun, we turned it into…

Autumn Self-Care BINGO!

We hope you’ll recruit a friend and play along and, most importantly, we hope you’ll make time to take care of YOU this fall.

To easily print your Autumn Self-care BINGO board:

    1. click on the images above
    2. save to your desk top
    3. right click and chose print.

Or email us at and we will send you the game board and idea sheet.

If you’d like help getting your sweat on, or if you are interested in trying out an Assisted Stretching session, let us know. Contact us at and let’s chat or complete the Contact Form to request a call back or email from us.

Train Smart. Move Well. Play Hard. And take of YOU this autumn, friends

Autumn Self Care Bingo sheet 1


Autumn Self-Care Bingo sheet 2
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