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Martin is a great trainer - he is knowledgeable and, crucially, can help you really push yourself without getting injured. Whatever your goal is, he will meet you where you’re at to help you improve. He’s also a very nice guy who fosters an encouraging atmosphere in the gym. I’ve enjoyed working with him and highly recommend!
Rachel S. Avatar
Rachel S.
I have had the pleasure of personal training lessons with Martin Moesgaard. He is really talented and highly skilled. His level of detail orientation is amazing. With patience and calmness he managed to show and teach me difficult exercises. As a person I learn better if things are explained in” pictures”. Martin was great at picturing the exercises, so I understood. For instance, he showed me the positions and how my body should be - when making a toes-to-bar – first on a mat on the floor, and then I the bar. I benefitted so much from being helped that way to “feel” the exercise on my body. We trained a lot of movement drills – which are difficult for me to process – again if I didn’t get it at first – it he explained it and showed it, so I got it. In handstand training he hold my feet and pulled my body to the right level – and being able to, in that way, get the feeling of the right angel – was a huge eyeopener for me. I highly recommend Martin as a personal trainer. Both his professional skills and his personality is worth mentioning. Anya Krogh Schlosser
Anya K. Avatar
Anya K.
Martin provides a wide variety of individual exercises including strength training, flexibility, cardio, EMOM: Every Minute On The Minute, etc. He’s encouraging, compassionate and has a great understanding of my goals. He’s the best trainer I’ve had. I am stronger, more fit and feel great after each workout.
Larry S. Avatar
Larry S.
No question Martin at TrainMovePlay is the best personal trainer I have worked with in my 60+ years! He has a uniquely individual approach that takes into account my age, capabilities, and particular limitations. He tunes sessions to deliver positive improvements that work for ME and it is NOT a cookie-cutter experience. Martin has coached me to positive achievements in strength, flexibility, and mobility without ever making it a grind. He celebrates my progress and recalibrates when needed. Beyond the physical benefits I am getting, Martin is simply a joy to work with. He is instructive, patient, and always has a positive attitude that makes workouts productive and enjoyable. Highly recommended!
Glen P. Avatar
Glen P.
My time with TrainMovePlay is always well-spent. Martin takes the time to know and plan for clients’ individual (and changing) needs and goals. Due to a diverse training background, his approach is very unique (and appreciated) with a focus on form first and then maximizing training through full body workouts for overall health gains.
Resa B. Avatar
Resa B.
Martin has been great in helping me to reach my goals. I initially asked him to help with my strength and balance, but I have achieved so much more. My confidence has been boosted, I feel better, and I have lost weight.
Tracie H. Avatar
Tracie H.
I worked with Martin for a year and a half. He is a skilled professional. Martin developed a training program for me that aligned with my goals and objectives. His positive and consistent demeanor made our training sessions very productive.
Billy V. Avatar
Billy V.
Martin is a fantastic trainer. He listens my goals, and formats sessions specific to my needs. He explains and demonstrates the benefit of each exercise, and continually adjusts his plans according to what he sees and hears. I recently had a knee injury that paused our work for a couple of weeks, but after meeting with Martin regarding the injury, he immediately formatted a plan that complimented the work I was doing in physical therapy. I can’t recommend Martin enough, and will continue to work with him for a long time.
Clint R. Avatar
Clint R.
Martin is reassuring and very knowledgeable in his skill. He helped me greatly to strengthen my core to alleviate low back pain and increase lower extremity strength. I highly recommend him to anyone!
Shelly K. Avatar
Shelly K.
Martin is a great trainer that listens to your goals and helps you achieve them. Not only is he knowledgeable about functional strength training in general, but he understands the importance of incorporating mobility into your routine to support injury prevention. Additionally, when teaching a new movement he helps break it down so that, in turn, you’re executing the movement properly and effectively. I highly recommend Martin for those ready to experience results!
Jennifer E. Avatar
Jennifer E.
“I strongly recommend Martin for anybody who wants to be in their best possible condition. He is one of the few trainers in Lexington with a graduate degree in Sports and Exercise Science. He has my full trust and has helped me recover from past injuries while also increasing balance, strength and mobility.”
Mary J. Avatar
Mary J.
Martin is an excellent personal trainer with a lot of knowledge about strength and movement. He helped me improve my workout routine with emphasis on core, cardio and pulmonary improvement. I would highly recommend Martin. Ken Vella Lexington KY
Tucson P. Avatar
Tucson P.
Martin is a highly skilled personal trainer. He listened to my requests and designed workouts around exactly what I asked. He was prompt, thorough, and unfailingly polite. He moves purposefully and effectively through the time and pays attention to technique and physical safety. I learned so much from him.
Kristin S. Avatar
Kristin S.

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