The Best Fitness Class for You and How to Find It

Small Group Fitness training or big Group Fit classes: which one is for you? Small Group Fitness is becoming more and more popular – how is it different from the normal Group Fit classes you’d find at big box gyms, your university gym, and other health studios. Find a quick-glance graphic and a detailed run-down in this article.

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What is Small Group Fitness?

If you are wondering, What is Small Group Fitness? , we’ve recently posted an interview with Martin about how his sessions work. There, he also delves into more details about the differences between his Personal Training sessions and Small Group Fitness.

We’ve also recently discussed 7 of the Benefits of Small Group Fitness and we touched on some differences between Small Group Fitness and large Group Fit classes. So, here we’ll give a more detailed run-down of how they differ and why each kind of class might appeal to different people.

Is Group Fitness for me?

This is you:

You want your next 30 years to be as fun, vibrant, and full of potential as possible – and you know that a healthy lifestyle, including consistent exercise, will give you the vitality to enjoy every day.

You like the idea of socializing with other people who, like you, want a better quality of life through better health. After a few years of distancing and adjusting to the “new norm” of post-pandemic personal space, you are ready to be in community with your peers again and, maybe make new friends.

You like (or need?!) the accountability, motivation, energizing effect, and fun a group of people bring to your workout. And you like the idea of bringing…or dragging… your partner, parent, roommate, or friend to workout with you.

The affordability of group training makes it a better option for you than personal training.

Sounds like you are a good candidate for group fitness, but is a Small Group or a big class more your style…? (*Note: If this does NOT describe you – you might want to take a closer look at What can a Personal Trainer do for Me? or the Top 4 Reasons Our Clients Chose Personal Training.)

Small Group Fitness is for you if…

You want a lot of attention from an experienced, educated, confident fitness expert; someone who has a graduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science and many years working in the field.

You have specific goals you are working toward, like unlocking a specific skill, or specific limits you are working with; maybe rehabilitating an injury; and you want safe, appropriate workouts programmed with your goals and limits in mind.

The accountability and motivation from a small group of your peers is more important to you than the hyped-up energy of a large crowd.

You’d like the chance to build meaningful relationships over time with one trainer who gets to know you well and a more intimate group.

You’d like the chance to ask questions and get specific help with your form and technique.

Do whatever works for you. Your health is too important to your quality of life.

Large Group Fit classes are for you if…

  • You need very flexible scheduling – you want to choose from a wide range of meeting times to find one that fits best into your busy schedule, which changes hourly.
  • The party atmosphere, loud music, and lots of people are what really get your blood pumping.
  • You like the predictability of seeing the same routines pop up often.
  • You don’t mind having different instructors for different classes, on different days, or having a sub.
  • You are not targeting specific goals, but are after a more general increase in your fitness level
  • You like a buffet of classes to chose from: yoga one week, Pilates the next, sculpt and cardio the week after…

Both types of classes should offer you…

  • A fun, social atmosphere with like-minded people who are, just like you, looking for a better quality of life through better health.
  • A good workout in a clean, professional, and judgment-free environment. This should just be standard to any class taking your money.
  • Relative affordability compared to Personal Training or high investment, high commitment, long-term programs.

There are soooooo many options available, you can definitely find something that gets you moving and keeps you going: sports teams, hiking clubs, online training programs, personal training, group fitness….The bottom line is you have to do what works for you! Your health is too important to your quality of life to take a back seat.

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Train Smart. Move Well. Play Hard, friends.

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