Top 4 Reasons our Clients Chose Personal Training

Many of our clients have tried working out on their own. They signed a contract at a big gym with group fit classes, weight rooms, machines, cardio equipment… all the things. Then, they never went. So, they moved to us – a personal training gym with one-to-one and small group training options. We recently received some great feedback from them and noticed a lot of the same comments kept popping up. These are the top 4 reasons our clients chose personal training.

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1. Accountability

“I’m busy and don’t get it done on my own. But I still want to focus on my health.”

Without the accountability of a trainer, many of our clients found it difficult to commit to a regular workout schedule – other things kept creeping in. We get it! Life is hectic! Consistency is key to meeting fitness goals, and when they are being pulled in so many directions, it can be very difficult to shut it all out and stay focused. Having someone who encourages them, gives them permission and support, to put their health and themselves first, is often all it takes to get on track.

2. efficiency

“I make decisions all day long at work and at home – I want to come workout without having to make decisions or be creative.”

This is such a big one! Our clients wear many hats. When they show up to the big box gym and are confronted with a full schedule of group fit classes, and a multitude of rooms with equipment and machines, it can be overwhelming and overstimulating – then decision paralysis sets in! They take one look around, and get exhausted just trying to figure out what to do with it all. This is not an efficient use of anyone’s time nor money.

But when they come to the personal training gym, it is a more intimate space, with just a few trainers and clients working. There are ZERO decisions to be made. Martin has already designed a program for the day, based on previously discussed goals and expectations. For these clients, he gives instructions, cues, and feedback throughout the session, and all the client needs to do is follow along. For many people, it is a relaxing, if physically demanding, experience.

This not to say our clients have no input – the program is always a conversation between client and trainer. But we like to say, “Leave the hard work of designing a workout to the trainer, and leave the hard work of working hard to the client.”

3. Professionalism

I’m not sure how to get the results I want.

Most of our clients are somewhat clear on their goals, but not on how to get there. But Martin is! Martin is an educated, professional trainer, with years of experience in many wellness and rehabilitation settings, who knows how to design a program to help our clients meet their goals. He puts thought, research, and intention behind everything he asks clients to do. First, he helps them clearly define their goals and manage their expectations. Then he comes up with appropriate warm ups, preparatory drills, progressions, and stretches with those goals as the framework.

4. individualism

I just want to be able to still do the things I love as I get older.

Some of our clients have specific skills they want to work toward (like a pull-up or handstand.) Some have a specific sport or activity in which they want to excel. But the majority of our clients just want to maintain, or slightly improve, their health in order to lead a fun and active life well into the future. They want to maintain strength, balance, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness as part of the quality of life they want for themselves. To that end, they want a program tailored to their current level and a trainer who can grow with them, changing and redeveloping the plan as their needs, limitations, bodies, and goals change, day to day and year to year. Having that on-going relationship is important to them and to their primary goal of living well.

Thank you to all of our current clients who took the time to put your thoughts into words and share them us, so that we can continue to grow the TMP community and help more people Train smart. Move well. Play hard.

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