FAQs: Small Group Fitness Training

Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we hear about Small Group Fitness

The fun and energy of working with a group, while receiving detailed modifications to fit your specific needs.


How do I reserve my spot in a group? And how many spots are there?

Visit our Contact page and check the box that says you are interested in Small Group Fitness.  We will get back in touch ASAP.

We set a max of 6 participants per group. *Occasionally, someone from another group will do a make-up session, which could raise the group to 7 or 8 participants. The space and equipment comfortably serve 8 people all working out at the same time.

Do I need prior experience to join Small Group Fitness?

No! You don’t need prior experience and you don’t need to be at any particular fitness level to join. Our experienced trainers provide modifications to accommodate everyone.

Small Group Fitness is really about having a team to support you and a coach to keep a close eye on you. This is a great place to begin your fitness journey.

How long is a session? How often should I come? How much does it cost?

Each Small Group session is 45 minutes long. You are welcome to come 10 – 15 minutes early to stretch, warm up on a machine, or walk around the building for some fresh-air!

The World Health Organization recommends that adults ages 18+ should do…

  • at least 75–150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity [per week, and]
  • should also do muscle-strengthening activities at moderate or greater intensity that involve all major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week, as these provide additional health benefits.

You meet the WHO recommendation, when you invest in 2 Small Group sessions per week.

Your monthly investment depends on how many sessions you commit to per week…


  • 1 session per week is $95/month
  • 2 sessions per week is $174/month
  • 3 sessions per week is $234/month
Small Group Fitness "instead of" or "in addition to" Personal Training?

Either! It really depends on your goals and your needs. We have more about this in the articles, “What is Small Group Fitness?” and, “The Benefits of Small Group Fitness.”

Still unsure? Contact us for a complimentary consultation and, together, we’ll decide where your needs are best met.

What can I expect in my first session?

Before you arrive,

  • please set up your client account and password on our website
  • fill out any forms
  • sign the waiver
  • bring a water bottle
  • dress in comfortable, breathable clothing – you WILL sweat
  • plan to arrive 5 minutes early to put your things down, use the restroom, and “switch gears”

When you arrive,

  • park right outside the front door, or in the lot behind our building
  • please leave all personal items, including phone, keys, extra layers of clothes, bags, etc. in the cubbies and hooks
  • fill up your water bottle
  • stretch on your own, or use the bike, rowing machine, or treadmill to give yourself a light warm up.

After your workout,

  • stretch or cool down
  • there is a shower and changing room for your use.
  • drink lots of water throughout the rest of your day
  • take time to notice how your body feels and moves, for the rest of the day and the next day.
What happens if I have to miss my scheduled group?

Consistency is key to success. But life happens!

If you need to miss your group, just contact us at least 6 hours before your scheduled time to reschedule and we will find another time within the current month to make it up.

Knowing early allows us to offer that spot to someone else who may be on the waitlist.

The best way is to text (859) 333-9402.

What if I go on vacation, am injured, or need to pause my training?

No problem. We highly encourage using our automated payment method, via our website, for your membership. Then you can pause or stop your membership at any time.

You can also email TrainMovePlay@gmail.com and we will do it for you. You won’t pay for training that doesn’t happen.

If you need to take off a month or more, your group spot may go to someone else. We will talk about getting you into a new group, or reclaiming your old spot, when you return.

What equipment will we use in Small Group Fitness?

Variety is the spice of life. And also the way to avoid burn-out, overuse injury, and plateau. Certainly, we will use different equipment each session, for example…


      • dumbbells
      • kettlebells
      • resistance bands
      • medicine balls
      • Swiss physio balls
      • barbells and plates
      • landmine
      • gymnastics rings
      • TRX
      • big boxes
      • hanging/pull up bar
      • sled
      • heavy rope
      • assault bike
      • rowing machine
      • furniture sliders
      • cable machine
      • and your own bodyweight!
Can I bring a friend to try Small Group Fitness with me?

We love new faces! From time to time, we have, “Bring-a-Friend,” weeks for both Personal Training and Small Group Fitness where we encourage you to bring ALLLL of your friends to check us out!

If you have a friend, or a visitor, who wants to join you at another time, we ask that you speak with your trainer before hand to make sure there is space.

Can I gift Small Group Fitness to someone?

Yes! Better health makes a fabulous gift! We offer hard copy and digital, printable gift cards, so that you can gift Small Group Fitness to someone.

Minimum purchase is one month of training. You can purchase up to one year of training for someone else.

Movement for All, Movement for life

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